Ena Ishikawa


About Ena Ishikawa

After getting experience in a team management jobs in different industries, Ena Ishikawa studied server and network administration in an IT administrator training course, then started her career in the IT industry in a bilingual Helpdesk team at a major brokerage firm. After getting some experience in call center and desktop support, she joined eSolia in December 2002.

Currently, she is leading eSolia’s business process continuous improvement using ITIL and other techniques, as an ITMS manager and process leader.

Ishikawa perseveres in finding clues to smoothly resolve the difficult issues, to help keep client business going. She will continue to make efforts to provide the highest client satisfaction with eSolia IT services, using her deep listening and interpersonal skills.

In her free time, she loves watching her sons play Ice Hockey, and also likes going outdoor camping.

異業種にてチームマネージメント等を経験した後、IT管理者養成科にてサーバー・ネットワーク管理を学び、IT業界へと転職。 大手外資系証券会社にてコールセンター、デスクトップサポート等のITヘルプデスク勤務を経験し、2002年株式会社イソリアへ入社。 現在、ITMSマネージャー&プロセスリーダーとしてITILを用いた社内業務プロセスの向上を実施中。