Hidekazu Maezono


About Hidekazu “Zono” Maezono

After graduating school, Hidekazu Maezono was devoted to several part-time jobs, in order to go to Toronto, Canada. He spent a year over there to learn different cultures and to study English. Afterwards he started his career in a major network company’s global helpdesk. And as a supervisor, he coordinated operations with carriers in asian countries, as well as being engaged in training for local subsidiaries. In 2012, he joined eSolia as a teamITMS engineer, and started broadening various areas of knowledge including network skills to provide superior service.

Zono tackles any kind of problem seriously and is always conscious of keeping client satisfaction high. He will continue to make efforts to solve any sort of issues that could happen in an office, and to provide the best service while establishing good relations with clients.

He thinks of himself as an indoor-type that can go with outdoor-types, and likes playing the electric guitar. He keeps a cat and recently often goes bouldering for exercise.


学生生活終了後にアルバイトを複数掛け持ちし、英語と異文化を学ぶため単身カナダ・トロントへ行き、1年間生活を送る。 帰国後大手ネットワーク企業のGlobal VPN回線を管理するヘルプデスクにて経験を積み、 そこでスーパーバイザーとしてアジア各国キャリアと連携を計りつつ業務を遂行し、また現地法人へのトレーニングなども行う。 その後2012年にイソリアへ入社し、ネットワークだけでは足りない幅広い知識を学びつつITMSエンジニアの一員として勤務。

どんな問題へも真摯に取り組み、お客様からの満足度を常に意識しています。 これからもオフィスにて起こり得る様々な問題を解決し、お客様との良好な関係を築いていけるように邁進してまいります。