Rick Cogley

Experienced Expat Helping People in Japan

About Rick Cogley, CEO, eSolia

Photo of Rick Cogley, eSolia CEO (photo by Takumi Fukuoka)

Rick Cogley has been working in the consulting and support industry in Japan, since 1990. He specializes in bilingual (Japanese - English) consulting, project management, and general management, and has focused his career on M&A-related IT migrations and merges, market entry assistance, IT department reorganization and interim turnaround management, cloud technology implementation, standards-based (COBIT, ITIL) governance implementation, and large corporate compliance projects.

Specifically, Cogley has led major projects including Mobil’s standard managed environment Japan localization effort; Boston Scientific Japan’s IT re-structuring for SAP R/3; project management training development and execution for UBS Japan IT; FEI Company’s Japan startup activities and establishment of base IT standards in Japan; Ocular Sciences / CooperVision Japan IT department restructuring, ERP implementation, Distribution Center build-out, SOX compliance, and trading-partner EDI implementation; and Cook Medical’s Japan HQ build-out, ERP implementation, Distribution Center implementation, amongst others.

In his spare time, Cogley enjoys being with his family, blogging, drumming, watching films, jogging & cycling, software experimentation, and good wine with friends.

代表取締役社長 ジェームズ R. コグレー




  • Mobil Oil 社IT部門によるPC標準環境日本語へのローカライズとインプリメンテション
  • ボストン・サイエンティフィック ジャパン株式会社のSAP R/2導入の為ののIT再建
  • UBS日本法人のIT部門へのプロジェクトマネジメント、トレーニングの開発と実行
  • FEI株式会社の日本法人の設立関連活動と日本ユーザー向けにベースとなるITスタンダードの制定
  • Ocular Sciences / CooperVision社の日本IT部門の事業再構成、ERPインプリメンテーション、物流センターのビルドアウト、SOXコンプライアンスと取引先とのEDIインプリメンテーション
  • Cook Medical社の日本法人本部のビルドアウト、ERPインプリメンテーション、物流センターのインプリメンテーション