Takumi Fukuoka

Keeping things running smoothly

About Takumi Fukuoka, COO, eSolia

Photo of Takumi Fukuoka, eSolia COO (Rick Cogley Photo)

Takumi Fukuoka started his career in IT, joining a software development company based in Tokyo in 1994. There, he developed primarily logistics and accounting systems. He then joined PTS Co. Ltd., (acquired in 1999 by Datacraft Asia (now Dimension Data)), and focused his career on system implementations, support and project management.

He joined eSolia as a founding member in July 1999, and joined the board as Director in charge of System Support in 2000. He specializes in project management, and IT consulting activities, and has led Administration and General Affairs at eSolia since Sept 2006, and became COO in Sept 2009.

In his spare time, Fukuoka participates in badminton tournaments, as he has done since his school days. His goal is to have eSolia run as smoothly as possible, to support our growth.

代表取締役副社長 福岡 琢巳

1994年ソフトウェア開発会社に入社し、主に物流・経理システムの開発に従事。その後、株式会社PTS(1999年Datacraft Asia(現Dimension Data)に買収)に入社後、システム導入・サポート、プロジェクトマネージメント業務に従事。


日常的に、学生時代から続けているバドミントンに参加しています。 福岡のゴールは、eSoliaの成長を支援するために円滑なオペレーションを行うことです。