Yasuyoshi Akiyama


About Yasuyoshi Akiyama

Having spent his high school youth years in Massachusetts, Yasuyoshi went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in Boston. He was eager to get some experience working in the Asia Pacific region, and decided to get into the Electric parts industry in China and Taiwan, as an International sales and tech staff after leaving an advertising company in Japan. He finally found a company in Tokyo where he can make the best of all his global and IT experience.

He has expertise in IT systems, but he considers communication with, and relation to users to be the most significant. His philosophy is to put the same weight on systems as well as users themselves.

He likes to read, photograph and learn about natural science. He is a ‘geek’ type of person who keeps seeking both a sense of wonder and new technologies.


高校時代からマサチューセッツ州に、大学はボストンでコンピュータ工学の学士号を取得。 帰国後は広告会社のSEを経て、アジア圏での経験を増やすため台湾と中国の電気メーカーで国際営業と専門技術という一風変わったキャリアに進む。再度帰国の後、多言語、多文化での経験をITと共に最大限に生かせるイソリア ITMS部に所属。

PCやシステムに携わる業務だが、それらを扱うのはユーザー、エンジニア含め全て人間。 それ故にコミュニケーションや人間関係の構築を特に重視している。

自然科学やアウトドアが好きなインドア派。趣味は読書とフォトグラフィー。 世の中の不思議を追い求めながら、今日も新技術を探してはトラブルシューティングに励むギークである。